Zambezi Horse Trails

Zambezi Horse Trails

Overnight/Multiple Day Horse Ride Safaris

(For Experienced Riders Only)

In association with some of the best independent safari camps and lodges located within the immediate vicinity of the Falls we are able to offer special multi-day horse rides. Explore the Zambezi National Park and reaches of the Zambezi River which so entranced David Livingstone when he first travelled downstream to the Falls, with a choice of riverside safari camps, or the gorges downstream - staying at the spectacularly located Gorges Lodge perched on the edge of the gorge. Away from the river, the Stanley and Livingstone Private Game Park offers unrivalled game viewing opportunities and luxury accommodation at the exclusive Ursula Camp.

For the more experienced rider only, these range from one to seven nights and provide you with a superb opportunity to explore the Zambezi National Park, with its magnificent scenery and wildlife.

The first and last day of the multi-day ride will include the Zambezi River area. These are your main game viewing days. Further away the rides are more about scenery and distances, however there is a chance of seeing additional species such as giraffe, zebra, eland and sable, as well as bat-eared fox. Nocturnal species such as genet, spotted hyena, porcupine and aardvark may be seen on night-time game drives operated from our overnight lodge.

Although our priority is riding, we can incorporate alternative activities around during your multi-day ride. Our specially selected overnight lodges can offer game drives and bush walks, and boat and canoe safaris on the river. Contact us to discuss your itinerary requirements.

See also our Multi-Day Further Information page.

Zambezi Horse Safaris

Discover Ursula Camp with Zambezi Horse Trails

Ursula Camp Multiday Rides

Low season Specials on Overnight Rides

It is a truth that goes unacknowledged that the low season is one of the best times to ride. It’s a time to get back in the saddle and explore. During November and early December the temperature drops and the rains, we hope, begin. It is one of the most beautiful times of year as the gold dust haze of the dry season merges into the clear greens of early growth. Dramatic skies herald the possibility of rain and new life. There is a sense of a new world, new beginnings.

Through early December, January to March the softer ground and cooler temperatures make things easier for horses – you can ride faster and for longer. You may have to work hard to find elephant but it is one of the best times to see zebra and sable. There is always something even if it is just utterly beautiful scenery: a profusion of wild plants, and flowers, young animals, sweeping views and skies and of course the sheer joy of experiencing this magnificent area from the back of a horse. Even if it does rain it is never cold and there is nothing to beat the extraordinary drama of an African storm.

A ride based at Ursula Camp is awesome and something no rider should miss out on. So to encourage riders to experience this lovely camp and some of the best times of year to ride, I am offering low season specials on trips of two to four days, staying at Ursula Camp at selected times at a truly bargain price.

Zambezi Horse Safaris

Visit Ursula Camp with Zambezi Horse Trails

There is something rather magical about Ursula. With accommodation for only eight guests it is a little gem of a place, with its gardens shaded by massive ancient Feyherbia Alibidas and broad views along the vlei in front of the camp. Each of the four chalets opens onto the gardens and overlooks the game reserve. During the heat of the day you can lie by the swimming pool and view game at the waterhole in front of you.

The Estate has a variety of species, including Black Rhino and even if you do not find them, just the experience of tracking them from a horse is awesome! A daily evening Game Drive will give you a chance for closer encounters. With the best part of the day spent on horseback and the evenings on game drives this is wonderful trip for riders, and, with so much to do we can also arrange itineraries for non-horsey companions.

LOW SEASON URSULA SPECIAL - No single supplement on accommodation!

Interested in riding with us? Contact us for more information.