Zambezi Horse Trails

Zambezi Horse Trails

Rider Information

Riding Ability

Will will access your riding ability as follows:

Advanced: You ride most days. you are confident at all paces, over fences and can handle a spirited horse in open country.

Experienced: you are confident at all paces, two point canters, can do a rising trot for well over 10 minutes at a stretch and can ride a variety of horses.

Intermediate: you are confident at all paces, and can trot for ten minutes at a stretch without difficulty. You ride frequently

Low Intermediate: you are confident at all paces, can trot for ten minutes at a stretch without difficulty. You do not ride often

Novice/Intermediate Riders (Short Morning or Afternoon Horse Rides Only)

These short morning or afternoon trips, between 2.5 to 3 hours in total, provide novice/intermediate riders with an opportunity to enjoy the special experience of exploring the African bush by horseback. Novice rides are for those with limited riding experience, or who have not ridden for some time, but you should be reasonably fit. At the beginning of the activity your riding ability will be assessed and you will be given support and guidance as necessary. Guides accompanying the ride will assist throughout but clients will have to control their own horses. For those who have done some riding there will be opportunities to trot, or even canter, but only if you are proficient enough to do so. The horses used on a novice ride are quiet and shorter distances are covered.

Experienced/Advanced Riders (Short, Extended and Multi-Day Rides)

Short morning or afternoon rides are between 2.5 to 3 hours in total providing more experienced riders with an opportunity to enjoy the special experience of exploring the African bush. Also offered is a longer 4 to 4.5 hour extended morning ride for experienced riders looking to make the most of their riding opportunity in this magnificent location.

For those that wish to book an experienced ride you must be able to ride unassisted and with confidence. At minimum you should have mastered basic aids, be able to do a rising trot for stretches of at least 10 minutes at a time, be comfortable at all paces and able to gallop out of trouble, even at the end of a long days ride. The more proficient and fitter you are the more you will enjoy your trip.

Click here to read more about our multi-day tour requirements.

Weight Limit

This is your weight in your riding clothes and should include anything else you wish to carry. Our guides will carry your water for you.

Short Experienced Rides: 90 kg
Full Day and Multi Day Experienced Rides: 85kg

To avoid embarrassment be warned that you may be required to step on the scales!

Weight Supplement: An extra charge of 50% is required for riders above our weight limit if allowed to ride. Please note this is at the discretion of the company and subject to individual experience and circumstances. Allowances may be made only for very experienced riders, or for those who are tall and fit. This will be at our discretion.


Although we have MARS (Medial Ambulance and Rescue Service) cover, this only deals with evacuation to the nearest appropriate medical facility. Beyond this you will need to be covered by your own full Medical/Travel Insurance, of which we ask you provide us with details prior to the start of your ride. Please check whether your insurance covers you for riding without a helmet, should you wish to do so.


All clients are required to sign an indemnity form on arrival at the stables.


Qualified, licensed guides lead all rides, and are accompanied by a back up rider. Both are dedicated, knowledgeable and enthusiastic.


All guides and back up riders are trained in first aid procedures and emergency situations. Each ride starts with a safety talk, and you will be reminded of details should circumstances require.


We are very proud of our horses! Mostly thoroughbred, some mixed, some Anglo Arabs. Between 14 – 16.2hh. They vary from gentle hacks to my top polocrosse ponies. It depends on you!


We use mainly Australian Stock saddles, and English saddles are available. All horses go in snaffle bridles.


We strongly advise you to wear one. They are obligatory for novice riders and children. We have a limited range at the stables but these are for loan to clients on half day rides only. If you are doing a multiday ride or booking any ride in advance, you must bring your own. It’s safer.


Chose your jodhpurs, jeans or riding trousers carefully –not all cuts of jeans are suitable for riding. PLEASE no white or bright colours go for fawns, tans, khakis and greens. Note that very dark colours, black and navy blue are very hot and very uncomfortable to wear for any stretch of time. Wear a loose fitting cotton shirt with long sleeves and a collar - this will protect your neck and shoulders from sunburn and also some protection from thorns (note your clothing may suffer here on your behalf!). Bring a small camera - bulky items and large bags are not comfortable on a horse. A simple moneybelt is best if you want to bring cash.

Remember it can get hot, bring a peaked cap to wear under your helmet and plenty of sunblock. Do not forget your dark glasses!


We have a limited range of half chaps, jodhpurs trousers and shirts available for loan for those of you who arrive unprepared, or without luggage. Please note these are available for emergency purposes and you should bring your own.

Groups Sizes

Minimum two on longer rides and maximum of six clients. We prefer to split larger groups.

Interested in riding with us? Contact us for more information.